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Competition Model 10X-Pistol Powder Measure

Competition Model 10X This powder measure uses all of the special features of the Competition Model BR-30 combined with an entirely new

Competition Model BR-30 Powder Measure

Competition Model BR-30 The Competition BR-30 powder measure was our first truly “Competition” model optimized for Benchrest cartridges at approx. 30

Competition PR-50 Powder Measure

Competition PR-50 The PR-50 powder measure represents our latest in the series of limited range “Competition” powder measures optimized with the

Drop Tube Adapter 17 – 20 Cal.

Drop Tube Adapter 17 – 20 Cal. Fits all Redding Powder Measures and Funnels with a Simple slip-fit. For .17 & .20

Drop Tube Extension

Drop Tube Extension 4-1/2” extension fits all Redding Powder Measures and Funnels. Simple slip-fit over existing drop tube. For .22 thru .30

Model No. 2 Master Powder & Bullet Scale

Model No. 2 Master Powder & Bullet Scale The Redding Model No. 2 Powder & Bullet Scale has been designed and

Powder Funnel

POWDER FUNNEL Nearly indestructible, super-tough Lexan™. Fits most cartridge cases from .22 to .45 caliber. Anti-static prevents powder from sticking.